Study Tour

We specialise in top-notch schools (camps) to create an unparalleled research experience. We strive to meet the requirements and expectations of all students, parents, and schools. By participating in our research/study abroad programs, students can gain a wealth of life experience. Our goal is to enable students to develop in an all-round way and to excel in their future studies and work.

We aim to think consider from students’ perspectives and create exclusive research/study abroad products for different students. We sincerely welcome primary and secondary schools, training institutions or other educational institutions at home and abroad to join and cooperate to provide students with the most professional education products.


Host Family

Friendly host families filed with government with rich experience in receiving, safe and reliable.

British Course

Official certification courses to meet the needs of different students.

Learn with Happiness

We help children really enjoy learning, broaden their horizons, and make friends with others from all over the world.

Study Tour Instructor

Enthusiastic and creative study tour guides, children's most important study tour partner

Life experience of studying in famous instituations

Children have the opportunity to get up close to first-class private schools and aristocratic schools in London, Oxford, and Rugby, and experience the campus culture of prestigious schools in an all-round way.

Experience in Real Class

According to the age of the students, arrange students to directly transfer to foreign public or private school classrooms, take classes with international students, pair up as learning partners, and experience the authentic British classroom education and teaching style.

Language and Culture Exploration

In the classic language learning camp, the beautiful and quiet environment can provide unparalleled learning atmosphere for children. They have the opportunity to learn English with friends from around the world.

​Personal expertise

Looking for related training in sports, arts and other personal strengths? no problem. This series focuses on sports, art, etiquette training and other related training items that strengthen personal characteristics. Lay the foundation for personal expertise and development in a short time through our most professional course provider

Chinese English