Education Collaboration

Education Collaboration Sino-foreign cooperation in running bachelor's degree programs, including 4 + 0, 3 + 1, and many other programs.The cooperation adopts a full-time, Chinese-English bilingual teaching model. Upon the expiration of the student's study period, the students who pass the examination will obtain the graduation certificate of both China University and British University.

  • Property: A non-independent legal person cooperative education institution affiliated with Chinese universities.

  • Expectation: Sino-UK international college hopes to provide all-in-one comprehensive services for Chinese university students.  

  • Cooperation model: Established by Chinese University, UK University and our Company.  

  • Enrolment: Over 300 students


Foreign and Chinese educational institutions cooperate to host an educational institution with Chinese citizens as the main enrolment target in China. This institution has been approved by the education administration departments of both China and foreign countries and is included in the unified enrolment of universities in China. The Ministry of Education will increase (adjust) the enrolment quota of Chinese universities for cooperative education. A team of experts will be sent by our company to Chinese universities to complete project operation management.


It is conducive to solving the employment problem of Chinese university students after graduation. The establishment of the International College will increase the employment rate of Chinese universities: the rate of students directly participating in work after graduation, the rate of postgraduate studies and the rate of students studying abroad. The cooperation of well-known universities in China and the UK can promote the development of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. It is also conducive to the introduction of foreign high-quality education resources, the cultivation of high-tech shortage talents, the realization of the optimal allocation of education, and further the implementation of the role of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in promoting the international development of China's higher education. Complementary advantages of key majors promote exchanges and communications between universities of both countries. Well-known education institutions in China and the UK have equal academic and scientific research status in key disciplines, and their majors are counterparts. Both institutions learn from each other through cooperation and complement each other. High-quality education resources can be introduced and the internationalization of higher education courses and university education in China can be developed. Teachers of the UK universities sent from the sino-UK International College who teach at Chinese universities are a high-level faculty consisting of professors, senior professionals, doctors, and related field research project leaders. Sino-foreign cooperative education has introduced teaching plans of foreign universities, Original textbooks that incorporate domestic students into the international teaching system.

Our Services:

  • Submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Education for timely approval

  • Provide required market information for Chinese and foreign institutions  

  • Assist provincial and municipal international education decision-making  

  • Provide and introduce British teachers and teacher training to ensure the level of courses

  • Match related courses and curriculum
    Property: A non-independent legal person cooperative education institution affiliated with Chinese universities.

  • Property: A non-independent legal person cooperative education institution affiliated with Chinese universities.
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