​Public Relationship

Our services include Chinese government agencies, medium-sized enterprises, and start-ups. The services include a variety of public relations activities, such as seminars, round tables, and large-scale publicity activities within a limited time. The content of the activities is mainly to increase customer awareness. Another major advantage of serving companies in various countries is that our understanding of the industry is not limited to local British companies. We will also help Chinese companies and institutions to understand the situation of other international companies and multinational groups in the UK and provide them with valuable experience.


Our clients are ambitious and entrepreneurial about the development of the brand in the UK. They also value the advice and assistance we provide for the brand’s launch and development. Whether they need B2B, consumer facing, or internal corporate group assistance, we will provide professional support for their success.

We also have extensive PR marketing experience in various industries, which are roughly divided into five industry types: food and beverage (including daily consumables and restaurant customers), lifestyle (including fashion and retail, etc.), and organizations (such as charities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, social enterprises, etc.), service industries (such as professional financial accounting services), and technology, enterprises, and investment institutions (including mobile applications, e-commerce, education, etc.).

Our way of working is to provide dedicated public relations and communication support to help clients achieve their business goals and ultimately achieve business success. The Rochester team has a good understanding of your brand, the challenges you face, your customer base, the brand itself, and your long-term goals.

Our Speciality

Media Relations Establishment

Your brand needs to be recognized and understood. We have relevant media resources and rich brand marketing experience. We provide corresponding brand stories based on different media types. In the initial stage of contacting British media, we can also provide you with training for different types of media, assist you in dealing with the media, and effectively broadcast your brand message.

Stakeholder Liaison

Entering a new market or new country also means an emergency for new stakeholders, organizations, and groups that have an influence on the success of your brand. Our team is experienced in the UK market and can help you understand opinion leaders, related resources and help you connect with them. Our job is to ensure your message is well communicated to the right people in the right way, to increase the impact of your brand.

Brand Information Integration

Brand information integration is the most indispensable thing when a brand enters the UK market. Our team can quickly understand a brand, analyze the reasons for the success of its competitors, and discover and integrate the brand information required for the success of the brand in the UK market in the shortest time. Maximize the successful development of the brand.

Crisis PR and Problem Management

It's important to take the time to understand how your brand adapts to new markets, who are interested in it, and why, especially when entering a new market. With an in-depth understanding of these aspects, you can quickly and effectively respond to problems or crises in a short period of time.