Executive Development

We cooperate with many universities in the UK. We are mainly committed to training the management and leadership skills of experienced professional managers. Relying on deep UK resources, Jitong has carried out diversified training for governments and enterprises. As the fifth-largest economic power in the world, the UK not only has a long history and strong foundation of the pioneers of the industrial revolution but also continues to maintain strong strength and competitive advantages in the information age today. From an industry perspective, the UK leads the world in automotive, aviation, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, telecommunications, electronics, software, and environmental protection. These advantages of the British industry are precisely the direction that China urgently needs to learn and cross-domain in the process of industrialization.

Project Features

1.The training is customer-oriented and has practical corporate experience. All trainers have a broad industry background.

2.The trainer has experience in corporate senior management and practical international business experience.

3.Teacher diversity - gender and nationality/multilingualism.

4.Highly in-depth teaching style, rich experience in transforming business practice into theory.

5.Deep and rigorous academic teach, research and writing.

6.The professor is also Account Director and Business Development Manager

Project Content

Leadership Style

• Understand your leadership style
• Effective use of different leadership styles

Effective Leadership under Pressure

• Understand your physical fitness
• Brain and physical effects on decision-making
• Ways to excel under pressure

Sincere Leadership

• Development and evolution of leadership
• The meaning of leadership and its effect on others
• Leadership in transition – leadership revolution and leadership in turbulent and complex times
• Stimulate trainees’ thinking on how Chinese state-owned enterprises develop global leaders

Leading High-performance Teams

• Using outdoor experience to improve students’ balance ability in completing tasks and dealing with interpersonal relationships
• Provide students with challenging opportunities to work in teams to test their leadership skills, such as listening, influencing others, building mutual trust, building teams, and winning others’ commitments

Cultural IQ

• Understand the differences between cultures
• Increase cultural awareness and sensitivity

"Yin" and "Yang" in Leadership

• Understanding the dark side of leadership
• Effectively deal with the dark side
• Leadership and happiness

Global Talent Management

• The determinants and  methods of talent management strategy, as well as the practical understanding of self and influence others
• Understanding self-value system with psychological assessment tools

Understanding Followership

• Understand the interaction between leaders and followers
• Leader-follower relationships and impacts on business performance

Global Strategy

• Drivers of globalization strategies
• Encourage students to think about the development strategies of Chinese state-owned enterprises in the process of globalization
• Explore Chinese State-owned Enterprises’ Strategies for Winning Global Business

Cross-cultural Management

• Enhance working relationships based on understanding of different cultures
• Make full use of the advantages of multiculturalism and overcome the limitations of distance, language and regional culture.

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